Why the Us Gov't Faked the Moon Landing

  1. In 1968, "2001: A Space Odyssey" was released. Stanley Kubrick, a genius among apes, masterwd a film technique called front screen projection.
  2. Between 1955 and 1972, the US was engaged in a competition with the Soviets for supremacy in "spaceflight capability".
  3. Wishing to beat the USSR in the Space Race, JFK hired Kubrick to use his expertise to craft footage to show the public that the US had made it to the moon. 2001 was simply a research and development project for NASA and the US government.
  4. Apollo 11 DID make it to the moon, but our technology at the time was not good enough to record footage from the moon and return it to earth. Therefore Kubrick was hired to fake the footage.
  5. If you pay close attention to the moon landing footage you can see the studio light in the background - the same studio light can be scene in the "dawn of man" scene in 2001
  6. Stanley Kubrick has placed clues that he was involved within the rest of his films, mostly The Shining.