1. Ridicule: once you notice her tiny face there is no going back. Putting her in my profile pic is a constant reminder to laugh for those of us in the know.
  2. Tolerate: she helped me greatly in organizing the basement today butttt I had to endure an hour of her crying because a spider bit her as she tried to hang a curtain rod under our stairs. There is no good without evil.
  3. Detest: her vibe is not chill. She brigs drama and chaos when I'm just trying to live my life and do me.
  4. Dismay: she thinks I drink too much. The fact that my profile picture includes her and a glass of alcohol is literally killing her.
  5. Love: I have no choice.
  6. Hate: I have no choice.
  7. Acknowledge: she requested that I join this app and make this list.