1. Toothpaste
    Less minty?? Why??
  2. Deoderant
    Where are the solids y'all
  3. Soy sauce
    Seriously gross off-brands & why is Kikoman's so expensive.
  4. Salad dressing
    70% yoghurt based
  5. Milk
    Some milk stays on a shelf not in the fridge. It's kind of weird. I kind of love it.
  6. Eggs
    Same situation as milk but I do not love this, this makes me nervous (for no reason, I know)
  7. Shampoo/conditioner
    Why are all the containers so small how do I care for my hair like this
  8. Cilantro
    Impossible to find. Also called Coriander (who knew they were the same plant???).