Life on the verge of a panic attack is lovely
  1. When I don't understand what the cashier says to me
    This should not make me anxious as according to Duolingo I am only 22% fluent in German. But it makes me feel rude.
  2. Speaking English loudly or on the phone whilst in public
    See above
  3. Talking about my master's thesis
    I still have a year to figure this out
  4. Making small science mistakes
    Every time I miscalculate a concentration I'm convinced that my mentor now sees me as the dumbest Master's student ever. It's a high stakes game.
  5. Calling people
    Now a fun combination of "I don't know how good their English is" along with my usual phone anxiety. I make the boyfriend prep for phone calls with me by teaching me all the German words I may or may not need.
  6. Spending money on groceries
    When I'm stressed about money I tend to procrastinate going to the grocery store. Which is neither healthy nor sensible and also why I'm eating eggs on rice for dinner tonight
  7. Answering my e-mails
    I...cannot explain this one. Something about dealing with responsibilities.
  8. Going to the doctor
    Also inexplicable especially because I hardly pay any copay here
  9. Moving to a new apartment
    I hate where I live but the thought of moving stresses me out - probably because of the money involved. Byyyye deposit