And probably ever for that matter...but yet here I am.
  1. Not hearing my alarm in the morning.
    It's happened. And it's the worst.
  2. Bills and making money.
    Because worrying about it at 10:45pm while I'm in my PJ's is going to fix any of the problems I've made for myself.
  3. How I should have gone to bed earlier.
    Well. It's later. Get over and stop thinking about it and go to sleep now.
  4. That I should have drank more water that day.
    Now is NOT. THE. TIME. *Chug chug chug*
  5. How no one on Hinge has connected with me.
    It's probably for the better since I'm not about that booty call life.
  6. Weight loss.
    Again. Unless someone can tell me of a new sleeping position that reduces tummy fat, right now is not the time.