1. The winter from hell! Sometime around February 2015. Joe shoveling our front steps. A futile endeavor. (I wasn't helping because I hate shoveling and I was pregnant, even though my doctor said I could shovel. I ignored him)
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  2. Pippa wearing a lily pad flower tucked into her life jacket. August 2015, Rindge, NH.
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  3. Joe and Lincoln on July 10th 2015. Lincoln was one day old, and he had the hiccups.
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  4. From our trip to Idaho for Joe's cousin's wedding. Idaho either looked gorgeous like this, or sandy and barren. August 2013.
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  5. Pippa and Ollie snuggling. Not sure when this one was from, but they don't usually snuggle together, so maybe Ollie was new? Spring 2013?
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