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  1. I have gradually hated each 'update' of this app more and more.
  2. It devours my phone's battery
    So it has to be plugged in for me to use.
  3. Despite the amazing community there was at the peak, I just stopped going on here and don't miss the stress of navigating it?
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  1. Popcorn kernel
  2. Ponytail holder
  3. Earbuds
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💋 a kinda romantic Valentine's Day list 💋
  1. He has really bad handwriting and I have really good handwriting.
  2. He's an optimist and I'm a pessimist.
  3. I'm addicted to social media and he legitimately does not even have a Facebook account.
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I've fallen in with a rough crowd who love to host game nights.
  1. Dixit
  2. Code Names
  3. Mysterium
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  1. Truth Butts
    Ep. 211
  2. Jimmy Hole (victim of skull fracture.)
    Ep. 193
  3. Henry "Popcorn" Perdue
    Ep. 136
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  1. Other People
    Open mouth sobbing alone because I didn't know the plot so didn't realize I was going to relive being a 20 something with a parent dying of cancer.
  2. The Little Prince
    I have read the original book dozens of times and still got messed up by the element of death and memory.
  3. Watching the News
    I can't make it through a single episode of PBS nightly news anymore. (Gif substitution.)
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  1. Work harder on job search and job applications.
  2. Get good job.
  3. Be on time for job.
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