Requested by @solena
This is tough. So many bad memories of 2016. My dad got much worse. We barely managed his daily care. My mom had surgery. My employer changed my duties and then position. My mom sold the house and moved an hour away. I'm fatter. I went into the hospital for suicidal ideation and then quit my job. Still unemployed. My dad died. Oh, and the election.
  1. Neko Atsume
    It's the little things... like a can of Frisky Bits.
  2. Worked a lot of murder cases this year!
    Making a Murderer, Sword and Scale, Someone Knows Something, Casefile True Crime, My Favorite Murder...
  3. I dressed up as Barb from Stranger Things for Halloween.
    I was invited to a party where I only knew one person and I was social and not crazy and everyone loved my costume.
  4. Discovering ~Lilothehusky and ~Pugandcat on Instagram and giggling over them with my brother.
  5. Was invited to the wedding of my close friend from college.
  6. All my friends, near and far, from offline and on List, have been so supportive.
    Cue me ugly crying happy tears over every note or care package.
  7. I moved into an apartment I really liked and could afford in a great location, and found a sane roommate.
  8. I didn't bother shaving my legs this summer. I didn't care. Nobody cared.
  9. Lady Dynamite came out on Netflix.
    And I took myself to see Maria Bamford live.
  10. I'm dating someone???