@ChrisK : challenge accepted.
  1. Bird chirping.
  2. Truck backing up far away.
  3. Leaves skittering against the sidewalk.
  4. A squirrel being mad about something.
  5. An engine revving.
  6. A car horn toot when the door is locked.
  7. Steps through grass and crunchy leaves.
  8. A car engine turning on.
  9. My own shoe heel against the sidewalk.
  10. The rustle of a paper bag.
  11. Faint strains of a man on a cellphone's conversation.
  12. A large clanging like a metal door dropped.
  13. A polite toot of a horn.
  14. Tires against the road.
  15. A man's deep, crackling laugh.
  16. A ladder bouncing in the back of a pick up truck.
  17. A guy talking on his cell headset.
    "Ayy, wassup?"
  18. A different bird.
  19. A man's sneakers over wood chips.
  20. The back of a USPS mail van shutting.
  21. A woman having a conversation with the man I previously thought was on a cellphone.
  22. The unwrapping of my sandwich.
  23. Two people laughing like crazy from a half a block away.
  24. A moving cart being pushed across pavement.
  25. A shopping cart pushed across pavement.
  26. Two men having a conversation.
  27. Loud squeaking brakes from a leaf collecting truck.
  28. The humming motor of the leaf truck.
  29. A high pitched squeak from a garbage truck.
  30. A woman's voice.
  31. Ice shifting in my cup.
  32. Several cars speeding up at once.
  33. Wind through trees.
  34. High heels on pavement.
  35. Something in the underbrush nearby.
  36. A woman's boot steps against pavement.
  37. A truck bouncing over a speed bump.
  38. A man's dress shoes against pavement.
  39. The squeak of a styrofoam lunch holder being opened.
  40. Keys jingling.
  41. A car door pulled shut.
  42. A little baby car horn toot.
  43. A man clearing his throat.
  44. My straw scraping against my soda lid.
  45. A sniffle.
  46. A girl talking to a guy next to her.
  47. Sneakers on pavement.
  48. A guy sitting on the bench beside me.
  49. His juice bottle uncapped.
  50. A cell phone falling on concrete.
    It was the janky kind. He put it back together.