He died peacefully yesterday at 65 after a long, awful battle with a brain tumor.
  1. How to ride a bike.
  2. How to write a song parody.
  3. Always write thank you notes.
  4. A love of soft-serve vanilla ice cream from Carvel.
  5. The ultimate examples of running jokes.
  6. How to write a great comedic roast.
  7. Hold people accountable for their actions.
  8. A love of crime tv.
  9. A love of cats.
  10. I do not need to be perfect.
  11. I should choose to do what makes me happy and healthy.
  12. Putting thought and effort into a gift means a lot to the person you give it to.
  13. How to plan backward with a calendar so you can be prepared for an event.
  14. How to clip a cat's nails.
  15. Most common grammar mistakes made in speech.
  16. It's easier to get studying/paperwork done at the library because there are fewer distractions than at home.
  17. Wear comfortable shoes.
  18. If you can't get your books at the library, buy them used.
  19. If there is a person in your life who makes you unhappy, you are not obligated to stay friends with them.
  20. An appreciation of alternative comic strips.
    Zippy the Pinhead, Nancy, etc.
  21. How to identify different instruments in classical music.
  22. How to shoot a basketball one-handed.
  23. How to hit a baseball / softball.
  24. Discipline.
  25. If it's cold outside, wear enough layers of warm clothing!
  26. Wait to become a parent until you are done focusing on your own development and larger goals, so you can give your children your focus they deserve.
  27. If you're being robbed, give them whatever money and valuables they want. Your life is way more important than any of that.
  28. Eat your vegetables so you can join the clean plate club.
  29. Always wear a helmet while biking, rollerblading, riding a razr scooter, etc.
  30. How to correctly wear a helmet.
  31. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can only be the cheerleader.
  32. I should be proud of myself when I worked hard on something.
  33. Getting a C on something is not the end of the world as long as I tried my best.
  34. Do not let people bully you without them getting in trouble for it.
  35. My comedic timing.
  36. How to make a delicious slice of cinnamon sugar toast.
  37. Say thank you, not "no problem."
  38. My taste in alcohol.
  39. Never hesitate to go to the doctor if something is wrong.
  40. If something hurts, take a painkiller or you have no right to be complaining.
  41. Recognize all the things my mom does for me.
  42. How to wash dishes and pots and pans well and not waste water.
  43. How to play Scrabble.
  44. How to do the Scrabble-grams in the paper.
  45. Read the obituaries in the paper, you learn a lot about the past.
  46. If you're almost out of ketchup, turn the bottle upside down. You can also use a knife to get the last parts out because you paid for it.
  47. Flick a sugar packet three times before you rip it open.
  48. Bringing back an old memory or story can be so funny.
  49. Life isn't fair.
  50. He was always very proud of me and just wanted me to be happy.