I don't know how to drive / I am always running late / human beings are drawn to talk and I'll never see them again.
  1. Mein Kamf
  2. Scientology
  3. My high school
  4. Driving a taxi
  5. Denzel Washington
  6. My elementary school's sports league
  7. My cat
  8. Cyber bullying
  9. My dad being sick
  10. Film Schools
  11. Twins
  12. Driving limos for celebrities
  13. Dogs
  14. Whether Uber pool is creepy
  15. Allergies
  16. Finding out a Polish choreographer's strange phrase that was a subject of an inside joke for all of high school was actually an idiom that does not translate well to English.
    My mind was blown.
  17. A girl who hired an Uber and her boyfriend was leaning up into the front seat uncomfortably on the female driver.
  18. Not what this symbol on the side of one guy's car meant...
  19. If I could take with me this guy's backseat reading material.
  20. Some Uber rides just help you travel...
  21. But other Uber drivers really take you places.