A Grilled Cheese Greek Tragedy, Part 2

Because I know you were tingling with toasty anticipation.... @aminam @LeahHaydock @LongStoryLonger @weimsworld @margaretyoko @evak
  1. Previously, in my grilled cheese tragedy...
  2. When we last saw our hero, I was emotionally recovering from the discovery that PANERA LEFT THE PLASTIC ON THE SLICE OF AMERICAN CHEESE IN MY SANDWICH
  3. I was embarrassed because it happened in front of three of my coworkers.
  4. So they were all WHAT'RE YOU GONNA DO???
  5. So I took a bunch of pictures to document the evidence.
  6. I mean.
  7. Jfc.
  8. Eughhh
  9. So I decided to post the pictures on their company Facebook page.
    Because it's easy to post pics off my phone to there and tbh someone crazy passionate had just complained about my work on our Facebook so I was probably still thinking about it.
  10. But I didn't realize my friends would see my post to Panera Bread on their newsfeed??
  11. And lol @ it??
    Even my cat I guess (this is my cat.)
  12. And even 'like' it??
    Straight up cyber bullying.
  13. And I was embarrassed again.
  14. But I decided I needed to turn this around so it would seem intentional people saw it, like it was super funny and I was actually super chill.
    (I'm not.)
  15. So I took to the 'Gram.
  16. (The 'Gram)
  17. And Twitter
  18. Where... they replied!
    Me: Oh boy oh boy oh boy!
  19. Me: 🎶It's goin' down in the DM.🎶
  20. So I hit up Panera like "A/S/L"
  21. They said this.
  22. I said this:
  23. No no, jk, I actually said this:
  24. (They were not.)
    (I didn't write that, I gave them my email.)
  25. They emailed me some dough.
    (GET IT?!)
  26. They paid me for my silence and so I thanked them accordingly.
    Yes actually. 🤑
  27. Also I was about to post this list feeling all pleased with myself, and got retweeted by this page.
  28. .... Right above this equally frustrating consumer problem.
  29. You win this round, world.
  30. But really, we all lose.
  31. (Especially me.)
  32. .