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  1. Previously, in my grilled cheese tragedy...
  2. When we last saw our hero, I was emotionally recovering from the discovery that PANERA LEFT THE PLASTIC ON THE SLICE OF AMERICAN CHEESE IN MY SANDWICH
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  3. I was embarrassed because it happened in front of three of my coworkers.
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  4. So they were all WHAT'RE YOU GONNA DO???
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  5. So I took a bunch of pictures to document the evidence.
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  6. I mean.
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  7. Jfc.
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  8. Eughhh
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  9. So I decided to post the pictures on their company Facebook page.
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    Because it's easy to post pics off my phone to there and tbh someone crazy passionate had just complained about my work on our Facebook so I was probably still thinking about it.
  10. But I didn't realize my friends would see my post to Panera Bread on their newsfeed??
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  11. And lol @ it??
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    Even my cat I guess (this is my cat.)
  12. And even 'like' it??
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    Straight up cyber bullying.
  13. And I was embarrassed again.
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  14. But I decided I needed to turn this around so it would seem intentional people saw it, like it was super funny and I was actually super chill.
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    (I'm not.)
  15. So I took to the 'Gram.
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  16. (The 'Gram)
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  17. And Twitter
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  18. Where... they replied!
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    Me: Oh boy oh boy oh boy!
  19. Me: 🎶It's goin' down in the DM.🎶
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  20. So I hit up Panera like "A/S/L"
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  21. They said this.
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  22. I said this:
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  23. No no, jk, I actually said this:
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  24. (They were not.)
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    (I didn't write that, I gave them my email.)
  25. They emailed me some dough.
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    (GET IT?!)
  26. They paid me for my silence and so I thanked them accordingly.
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    Yes actually. 🤑
  27. Also I was about to post this list feeling all pleased with myself, and got retweeted by this page.
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  28. .... Right above this equally frustrating consumer problem.
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  29. You win this round, world.
  30. But really, we all lose.
  31. (Especially me.)
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