A List of Just Bomb Photos of My Cat

Inspired by @Beezus
  1. This is Judy!
    Her name at the shelter was Garland. So her full name is Judy Garland.
  2. She has a stubby tail.
    When we adopted her in 2011 she was 1 year old. She had needed surgery to amputate a badly broken tail when she was found outdoors 🤕 BUT you would never know she was ever sad! She was so friendly!
  3. But she's still a model.
    Those eyes! 💚
  4. She's also an athlete.
    Who will one day catch the damn red dot.
  5. She loves boxes.
    A lot.
  6. She can't resist a cardboard box.
  7. No, seriously.
  8. She's very curious and always thinking.
  9. She also loves catnip.
  10. One time, she found a bag of 'nip and tore it open.
    That was wild.
  11. She's always doing funny things.
  12. And always adorable.
  13. I talk about her constantly, but can you blame me?
  14. She knows when I'm sad and just how to cheer me up.
  15. All hail Judy!
    If you want to see more of her poses on Instagram, her hashtag is #judygkitty (I realized half my pictures were of her.)