Inspired by @Beezus
  1. This is Judy!
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    Her name at the shelter was Garland. So her full name is Judy Garland.
  2. She has a stubby tail.
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    When we adopted her in 2011 she was 1 year old. She had needed surgery to amputate a badly broken tail when she was found outdoors 🤕 BUT you would never know she was ever sad! She was so friendly!
  3. But she's still a model.
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    Those eyes! 💚
  4. She's also an athlete.
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    Who will one day catch the damn red dot.
  5. She loves boxes.
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    A lot.
  6. She can't resist a cardboard box.
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  7. No, seriously.
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  8. She's very curious and always thinking.
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  9. She also loves catnip.
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  10. One time, she found a bag of 'nip and tore it open.
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    That was wild.
  11. She's always doing funny things.
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  12. And always adorable.
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  13. I talk about her constantly, but can you blame me?
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  14. She knows when I'm sad and just how to cheer me up.
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  15. All hail Judy!
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    If you want to see more of her poses on Instagram, her hashtag is #judygkitty (I realized half my pictures were of her.)