Inspired by @jeremysomething ... I'm a smooth cry-minal.
  1. Full dental appointment on demand when I showed up on time and they had scheduled their day incorrectly.
  2. Free replacement for our XM Radio which was originally going to cost $75.
  3. Many mix CDs.
  4. Had someone else make food for me.
  5. A ride home / to a destination: Way, way too often.
  6. Unpenalized absences/tardiness throughout high school.
  7. No penalty for late work many times in middle and high school.
  8. Intentionally made people feel guilty.
  9. Refills of basic drugs (the pill, skin creams, etc) without the usual necessary office visits in between.
  10. Had someone else do my laundry for me.
  11. Letting me write a check for a $3 breakfast because I left my wallet at home.
  12. My mother sent me a FedEx overnight box of stretch pants.
    It was tech week and midterms my senior year and I'd gotten fatter so everything was too small or really dirty.