Let me make your brain tingle, baby!
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    I've posted about ASMR a few times before, but I noticed there are no really good lists explaining it.
    So, here I am.
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    ASMR stands for "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response."
    Fancy name for a simple concept.
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    That just means a feeling when you hear a certain sound (or sounds) that make your scalp tingle pleasantly and relaxes you.
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    There are a zillion of these "trigger" sounds, with or without a soft voiced narrator, on YouTube.
    The person doing the video is usually a gentle, whispering female. Many are European. There are just as many with no talking, though.
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    There are also "roleplay" videos if you like a scenario of sounds, for example the sounds of having your makeup done.
    In that case, those triggers would be a combo of a soft spoken makeup artist giving you personal attention, the gentle sorting and snaps of makeup cases, and soft makeup brushes against your face.
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    The people who do the videos well have top quality mics and make natural sounds (like shuffling marbles) as well as realistic imitations, for example brushing your face with makeup.
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    The best way to find your "trigger(s)" for tingles is to be really peaceful and listen to a set of many different triggers in one video.
    I highly recommend listening with your eyes closed, in a comfy chair or laying down.
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    Not everybody gets tingles, which is fine!You're still listening to relaxing noises which is great for anxiety or sleep.
    Just chill and don't put the focus on getting tingles. Sometimes it takes a while.
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    The word "binaural" in the title or description is a bonus. That means if you wear headphones, the mic they used will allow the sound to seem like it moves around you.
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    I'll be the first to admit, some of the ASMR videos people first encounter on YouTube are weird, awkward, and/or poorly done.
    I find these super hilarious (thus my list Weird ASMR Videos.) This can be really off-putting to someone first encountering the concept, but if this was you I encourage you to give it a second chance.
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    Here are a few of my favorite artists, not awkward, great quality mics, so you can start somewhere solid:
    (Also they probably explain ASMR better than I can.)
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    Gentle Whispering (slight Russian accent)
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    The Water Whispers (gentle Dutch accent)
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    Massage ASMR (Australian, many silent videos, male)
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    Whispers Unicorn (US accent)
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    Danielle Whispers (British accent)
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    Here are some common triggers you can try searching if they sound good in theory.
    Or again, try a "many triggers" video!
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    So! My triggers are scalp massages with scratching, particularly the sound of a large plastic-bristle brush on my hair and scalp.
    I also like purring (cat lady...) for relaxation but no tingles, and recently discovered newspaper pages turning gently gets tingles!
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    And finally, here's my favorite video for my favorite trigger. This sound gets my brain tingling right away!!
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    Feel free to AMA about ASMR, or tell us your own trigger 😌
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    Via @sophiack : ASMR Requests
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    @jessacosta 's triggers:
    Paint mixing, handling sand or slime toys, and petting specific fluffy stuffed or real animals!