With current-day commentary.
  1. 006. nicknames: Liz, Beth, Lizzie, Bethy, DramaQueen, Lizashizz, Liza, Zil, the one with the hair (as in "who?" "you know...the one with the hair")
    Half of these are fake. You were never called half of these, stop trying to sound sOooOoo wacky
  2. 007. occupation: school...in the future i want to be an actress
    In the future, you will still want to be an actress. But also in the future, life schools YOU!
  3. 014. age: 14
  4. 023. tattoos: none that YOU know of wahaha
    You're 14. (Still none.)
  5. 026. wearing: "Cal's Drive In" t-shirt from Old Navy, my new Ms. Pac-man necklace from Commander Salamander, Jeans from Jcrew, no shoes
    Amazing look. Such fashion. Graphic tees from Old Navy for places that didn't exist? Style!
  6. 123. what's the best cd you own: the first destiny's child cd its one great song after another
    Writing's on the Wall is a great album, I stand by this, being the best I could do at the time.
  7. Opinions:
  8. 138. creed: good songs....sound like they're on crack though
    I hate myself. Good songs??? Also those two statements don't make sense together.
  9. 139. enrique iglesias: cut off your mole!!!
    Not a musical opinion, and wow. Who was I? Rude AF.
  10. 141. christina aguilera: she can sang but she needs to stop being such a CRACK WHORE
    Had I just (kinda) learned the word crack and started using it a whole lot? And this is so terrible I wanted to be funny I guess but ugh sorry I existed.
  11. 155. show: THE OC!!! hahah JK!!!! ummm either american idol or who's line
    Wow. Hating on The OC - because the popular kids were into it. Mmmwhatchasaaay?
  12. 167. drink: diet pepsi or sprite
    WHAT KIND OF MONSTER WAS I??? Diet COKE, Elizabeth! Diet COKE. Unacceptable, cannot accept I ever thought that way.
  13. 170. perfume/cologne: AE aura
    I think this was the one ~*scented body spray*~ I owned, from American Eagle.
  14. 175. video game: HARVEST MOON or animal crossing (damn tom nook and his high prices)
    Still same.
  15. 👏👏👏👏👏 good answer!!!!
  16. 189. candy bar: mr. goodbar
    Damn, such basic taste in everything.
  17. 190. magazine: ym
    WOW, blast from the past. YM. Does it still exist?
  18. 207. do you have your own phone line in your bedroom: nope
    Honestly a question in 2004? Well, Babysitter's Club Goals.
  19. 216. do you have an alarm clock in your room: yep I own 3 b/c I’m not a morning person
    Still do this!
  20. 219. coke/pepsi: diet pepsi
    HOW. DARE. YOU. Brb going back in time to MURDER myself.
  21. 220. doughnuts/bagels: both
    Atta girl!
  22. 236. punk/emo: neither
    Good answer. Good answer.
  23. 242. cd's/tapes: cd's
    2004 PEOPLE.
  24. 243. dvd's/vhs: dvd
    AGAIN, 2004!
  25. 252. bikinis/one piece bathing suits: how about I don’t go out in public in a swimsuit? Yeah that’s the answer.
    Hating my body at 14, an encouraging start to high school!
  26. 273. god: I believe...
    (That was all I wrote) Are you there, god? It's me, @lizabeth .
  27. 276. JLO: the perfume, clothing line, or person?
    Online smart ass since I got a connection.
  28. 277. religion: episcopalian
    Pshhh, give it up. (You will.)
  29. 281. homosexuals: I totally support
    :) Good job theatre kid.
  30. 282. abortion: I don’t know..
    (Should've written "anything about it" after that.) You will will make a CHOICE once you take health.
  31. 284. murder: bad, duh
    Honestly my answer now would be: "Oh, I love those kind of Podcasts!"
  32. 287. pre-marital sex: I don’t know as of now I think I’m going to wait till I get married but I’m only 14 y’know?
    Yes, we do know. But good job keeping an open mind, 14!
  33. 289. pornography: sick
    We definitely know you're 14.
  34. 292. prostitution: not cool
    Brilliant opinion!
  35. 293. politics: we should live in a truely free world
    Thank you for your contribution, Ms. America.
  36. Have You Ever:
  37. 353. loved someone so much it makes you cry: I’ve cried over crushes bt I don’t think I’ve been in loce
    Spoiler alert from 2016: no one will "loce" you so go ahead and give up, gurl.
  38. 399. attempted suicide: who wrote these questions?
    Give it three years, dear.
  39. childhood stuff:
  40. 410. were you spoiled: probably
    Hahaha ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  41. 416. did you cry when you scraped your knee: yeah I remember that
    You remember that, past tense? In 2015 you will trip and fall and gash up your knees twice while just walking around, and you will openly weep in public. Remember THAT.
  42. 418. did you think slinkies were cool: o ya...esp the rainvow ones
    My typing had disintigrated by that point.
  43. Thanks for the list, 2004 me.
    Don't wear the wacky girl mask for too long, ok? It will get tiring. 😋