1. Me. Deemed not good for my Instagram.
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  2. ACHOO, messed up the pic.
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  3. BRUH. From a text conversation. John Wall describes my head cold feelings.
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  4. Capri Sun went hardcore, showed a friend with a similar interest in bagged juice.
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  5. Accidental screenshot of my own snapchat video, this item on the list is sooooo digitally self-aware and it's gross.
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  6. A guy on a ski machine powered bike, it really bothered me but the picture is crap.
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  7. Countdown to pizza, tracker hype.
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  8. Screenshot of an @midnight answer that speaks to me.
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  9. My essence (indoor person)
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  10. Reaction imagery for a very cool text.
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  11. It was a joking screen cap though I would never "try."
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  12. For an important text in the AM.
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  13. For another important text. (At work.)
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  14. For another important text. (Distracting someone at work.)
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  15. Some of my stickers snd pens, for some reason.
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  16. For a literal interpretation joke on a Facebook post about "anyone have plans for Star Wars?"
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  17. Painful fashion @ Modells because look what I will do for the art of comedy via text.
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  18. For a very important text about rotisserie chicken.
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  19. Facebook summarized that perfectly. Should not delete this again.
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