Best Photos From My Phone's Deleted Folder

  1. Me. Deemed not good for my Instagram.
  2. ACHOO, messed up the pic.
  3. BRUH. From a text conversation. John Wall describes my head cold feelings.
  4. Capri Sun went hardcore, showed a friend with a similar interest in bagged juice.
  5. Accidental screenshot of my own snapchat video, this item on the list is sooooo digitally self-aware and it's gross.
  6. A guy on a ski machine powered bike, it really bothered me but the picture is crap.
  7. Countdown to pizza, tracker hype.
  8. Screenshot of an @midnight answer that speaks to me.
  9. My essence (indoor person)
  10. Reaction imagery for a very cool text.
  11. It was a joking screen cap though I would never "try."
  12. For an important text in the AM.
  13. For another important text. (At work.)
  14. For another important text. (Distracting someone at work.)
  15. Some of my stickers snd pens, for some reason.
  16. For a literal interpretation joke on a Facebook post about "anyone have plans for Star Wars?"
  17. Painful fashion @ Modells because look what I will do for the art of comedy via text.
  18. For a very important text about rotisserie chicken.
  19. Facebook summarized that perfectly. Should not delete this again.