Cats Illustrate Tropes of Law & Order: SVU

"Tropes: a common storytelling method. A plot twist, a setup, a narrative structure, a character type... you know it when you see it." (Author's note, I love SVU, this is all affectionate teasing.)
  1. Someone 'happy to help' leaves the detectives at their (slightly ajar) front door, saying "Let me just get my [noun]." The detectives have a brief exchange of words before realizing, completely surprised, this unsupervised person ran to their back door to escape.
    "Of course, officers. Let me get my purse."
  2. A rich, protective parent (usually the mother) or the family lawyer interrupt the investigation of of a minor who is a suspect, and take them home. He's always a good kid, according to the parents. They don't know their child very well.
    "Johnny could never do something like this. Let's go, honey."
  3. The victim says "You don't understand [what I'm going through]!" to a member of the squad. "Actually," they reply, and happen to have an almost identical story from their life to illustrate their understanding.
    "Actually, I do understand. That exact experience happened to me."
  4. Returning to a victim (typically teen) at home. The door to the bed or bathroom is locked. They don't answer a knock/calling of name. They don't answer escalating prompts. Suddenly, everyone looks at each other and understands the situation. A detective breaks down the door with their shoulder. Inside the victim committed suicide, or is trying.
    "Ashley, are you in there? ... Ashley, honey?!"
  5. A witness or defendant in court burst out in a loud, emotional confession that proves their guilt immediately. (Shout out to Stabler in the very first episode for starting this trope with great success.)
    "No, no! He's lying, I can prove it!" "Order in the court!" *Gasps*
  6. At the end of the episode one detective is still at their desk, claiming to do forms for the case. This indicates they are feeling a negative emotion. Another detective reaches out, encouraging them to leave, by saying "C'mon, the paperwork can wait."
    "Go home, [detective]. It's late." "I'm just finishing up this paperwork... what?"
  7. Fin asks about something technical or new the team is using, and then compares it to something we all understand, thus explaining it to the audience.
    "So, it's a new school version of [basic technique.]" "Exactly."
  8. A fake website name is used in lieu of Facebook, Craigslist, a dating site, etc.
    "Okay people, listen up. We know he had multiple profiles on [fake site name] contacting the victim and others."
  9. A kid and/or their parents really wants that acceptance to Hudson University, although it seems like THE most crime-ridden school on earth.
    "He has a scholarship to Hudson, you can't mess this up!"
  10. Munch has a conspiracy theory about the episode's topic.
    "Say what you will, but..."
  11. Good cop, bad cop interrogations based on gender.
    "Look man, I get it. Women, am I right?"
  12. Olivia's life is in danger but she manages to use her brains and training to make it out alive just in time.
    "You okay, 'Liv?" *Shaken but still awesome.* "Yeah... yeah."