Dope Podcasts 2.0, or, Podcast Recommendations

I deleted my early list "Dope Podcasts" because it simply named my favorites. Here's a quality list of podcast recommendations with descriptions!
  1. Limetown
    You will thank me. Love cold cases? True Detective s1? Dystopian fiction? Limetown is a limited episode podcast drama, formatted as an investigative journalist looking deeper into a bizarre event ten years ago at a mysterious private research facility. The first ep is pretty good, but trust me, the rest are exponentially incredible. I'd give this an Oscar if I could.
  2. Mortified
    Mortified is a series of regular stage shows where everyday adults have volunteered to read parts of their real teenage diaries out loud to an audience of strangers. You can watch a documentary about it on Netflix. It's hysterical. The podcast is a weekly half hour with one or two of the recorded performances. I can't listen to this in public because it is that funny.
  3. Lore
    Expertly crafted episodes about the themes of what frightens us, narrated beautifully by the writer. Includes why we're so psychologically afraid of things, some history of the specific theme in different countries, and details of reported tales. The tone is just right to draw you in like a book of short stories by Poe.
  4. Hello From The Magic Tavern
    Arnie fell through a magical portal behind a Burger King and found himself stuck in Foon, a magical land much like the Narnia trope. Luckily, he had his podcasting equipment with him, and now hosts a show to teach Earth about the land of Foon! With his cohosts Chunt the talking Badger (well, shapeshifter) and Usidore the dramatic Wizard (who can't get anyone to join his quest) he interviews various Foon natives. [By some hilarious Chicago improv actors. Listen chronologically!]
  5. Sleep With Me
    A podcast to help you fall asleep. A guy with a low key, mumbley voice tells you some story and goes on random sidetracked tangents until you lose track of trying to follow it and zonk out against your will. If you fall asleep best knowing you should do something else, try to follow the story he tells. You'll reverse psychology yourself to sleep.
  6. Criminal
    Each episode explores a different crime that wasn't necessarily front page news. Stories of crime and punishments you might not have heard about otherwise, from all different sides of the law.
  7. The Memory Palace
    Beautifully written and narrated, these small stories from history are lesser-known tales that were extraordinary to people living in the 19th and early 20th century. A beautiful little peek into the lives of the past.
  8. This American Life
    Where it all began, on my home radio on Sundays, still broadcasting and available as a Podcast. Stories on different themes each week feature the dulcet tones of your spirit guide / host Ira Glass.
  9. Serial
    Sarah Koenig: the Beyoncé of Podcasts? She began the second season of Serial on Thursday with no warning. The gateway drug to Podcast addictions.
  10. Reply All
    Fascinating stories that are all related to the internet, with hosts who are intelligent and funny.
  11. Buzzfeed's Internet Explorer
    If Reply All focused on the dumb, gross, hilarious parts of the Internet. Completely inappropriate for all ages. 😊