Dope Podcasts 5.0, or, Yes Really Again More Podcast Recommendations

  1. Accused
    The closest thing to Serial season 1 I've listened to since. A qualified journalist from Cincinnati reviews a cold case of a girl's murder in the late 70's. The only suspect, her then boyfriend, was found not guilty. The police have never continued to look for the true killer. They still fail to cooperate with the parents. Why? Captivating and intelligent with no melodramatic filler.
  2. Case Closed, Beers Open
    Two dudes will solve a mystery in exchange for payment in beers. The mix of real voice non-acting, obviously fake sound effects, and low key dialogue of two dudes over-thinking obvious "mysteries" is a really fresh and funny combination.
  3. My Dad Wrote A Porno
    A British guy found out his dad wrote and self-published an "erotic novel" on Amazon. It's hysterically bad. Listen to him read it to two friends who react and analyze each chapter accordingly.
  4. Sword and Scale
    Dark, dark true crime for freaks like me. The podcast about the monsters who walk among us and have done terrible things. Very well done, not for the faint of heart.
  5. The Dollop
    Comedian Dave reads a (generally lesser known, always strange) story from American history to his friend, comedian Garreth, who has no idea what the story will be about and reacts to the story and Dave himself. Hysterical, and I've been binge-ing it for weeks now since there are so many episodes. The banter between these guys is incredible and makes each episode LOL-worthy. Start from the beginning for running gags.
  6. Casefile True Crime
    An Australian true crime podcast, with lots of cases you don't usually know from just following major stories in pop culture. Also, the best accent for a narrator ever.