Famous Instagram Animals Whose Well-Being I Am Invested In

Inspired by @twigvicious // this is only specific accounts, I also follow general animal accounts like ~ cats_of_instagram etc because Instagram is for cute animals and comic strips...
  1. Rosie the Honorary Husky (and her Husky buddies)
    ~ lilothehusky Rosie is the cat who thinks she's a husky and lives/runs/hikes/swims with three real huskies! I LOVE HER.
  2. Mitzvah Bear
    ~ mitzvahbear Hi @roaringsoftly ! Li.st 's official floof factor.
  3. Agador
    ~poochofnyc looks like Bob Ross and just as soothing.
  4. Reggie
    ~ Littlelordreginald always has perfect eyeliner.
  5. Beauty and Goofy
    ~ bbeautyandthegoofy (yes spelled that way) are the funniest together.
  6. Lil' Bub
    ~ iamlilbub is from space and is magical!
  7. Foxy
    ~Corgi_foxy (All about that fluffy butt.)
  8. Kingsley and Sailor
    ~ kingsleyandsailor are such a good team of good dogs.
  9. Willow
    ~ Willowthesquishycat looks like a soot sprite from Totoro.
  10. Gus
    ~ dcgus has all the coolest DC spots in his feed.
  11. Bandito and Luigi
    I found this account and realized I reached the peak of the Internet. These two ( pugandcat ) are brothers who went on a long hike with their Spanish human dads and they are hilarious and adorable and make my heart ache. I bought their "TEAM PUG" and "TEAM CAT" matching shirts for my brother and I for Christmas.
  12. Elvis and Mimi
    ~ elvisandmimi Elvis the cross-eyed Siamese and Mimi the ragdoll mix belong to Georgia Hardstark of the amahzing true crime podcast "My Favorite Murder." At the end of every episode Georgia asks "Elvis, do you want a cookie?" and he meows for a treat. Bless.
  13. Beau
    ~ beauthegolden_ is a female golden retriever. Her happiness and cuteness are just so pure.
  14. Dean
    ~ deanthebasset is a darling two year old basset hound from Canada who loves carrying long sticks in his mouth during walks, "aroo"-ing with his head back, and being adorable with his big paws, long velvety ears, and droopy muzzle.
  15. Noodle
    ~showmenoodz a fellow grad of my college works at Bark Box and is now living my dream of profiting off a beloved, adorable pet.