As part of my job, I process health forms for several sleep away camps. One page is filled out by the camper. It's one of the very best parts of what I do. #draftmas 🎄
  1. "I am lactose and tolerant."
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  2. "I like bunny! Flowers! Anmuls! Pool's! Dansing! Fun!"
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  3. "I like memes."
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    (Included an incredibly rare Pepe!!)
  4. "I can actually draw, these are really not good memes."
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  5. "I have a very big imagination, and sometimes get nervous of creatures I invent. Example: shadow monster that can only destroy you at night."
    Good lord!
  6. I would like my counselors to know: "That I have held a toad before. (No, seriously.)"
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  7. I would like my counselors to know: "All about cats!"
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    I got this.
  8. My favorite foods are: "Are we talking food food, or candy? Because my favorite food food is steak."
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  9. What time do you wake up? "Really early or really late."
    ... What?
  10. I would like my counselors to know: "I like Pokemon, Minecraft, and Teddy Bears. (And Snakespeare.)"
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  11. In my spare time I like to: "Talk to my boyfriend." I would like my counselors to know: "I have a boyfriend."
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    You're literally 12.
  12. In my spare time I like to: "Pretend to have my own camp."
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  13. This girl who was all about football.
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  14. I do not like these foods: "Brusul Sputs." I would like my counselors to know: "I'M AWESOME!"
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  15. "I don't like being surprised (startled) or handed a worm."
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    I feel like there's a story behind this...
  16. In my spare time I like to: "Send crazy text messages to Grandpa."
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    ALSO: At camp, I hope we get to: "Explode something."
  17. "I hate barf."
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  18. "My nicknames are Dangerzone, thrillrider, Punky :D "
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  19. "I love mustaches."
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  20. "I am bringing toilet paper."
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    Probably a smart choice tbh.
  21. I would like my counselors to know: "Where my cabin is."
  22. EDIT: I ALMOST FORGOT THIS ONE OMG "Work for the Illuminate (shh they'll find you)"
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    Spelled illuminate. Honestly this whole paper was a gem.