Inspired by @PruittWrites
  1. Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding hosted radio programs together from the 1940's to 1980's.
    And they're flat out hysterical.
  2. Bob & Ray got their start improvising with each other on air for a Boston radio station for short segments to fill time when Red Sox games had a rain delay.
    Four decades later, they had a 4 hour program on NPR.
  3. Their full show format was presented like a serious radio hour, with the idea that they, Bob and Ray, were hosts of a lot of different characters and content.
    Think of Portlandia having "Fred and Carrie," the fictionalized versions of their real selves.
  4. A lot like SNL, Bob & Ray imitated/spoofed radio and tv shows, politics, soap operas, news, and had a lot of wacky reoccurring bits and favorite characters who would stop by for interviews.
    Bob's son Chris Elliott and granddaughter Abby Eliott are both actors/comedians you probably know, and both were on SNL.
  5. The brilliance of the shows is how the guys were able to stay deadpan serious about really silly jokes, such as made up sponsors or weird characters.
    Lots of people tuned in and thought it was a real, awful variety program. Their wit is so quick you just might miss it.
  6. And between these two guys, they did ALL the voices.
    ALL of them. They would act out soap operas playing 4 characters at a time. And flawlessly.
  7. Here are some examples of my favorite stuff they've done I can find online:
  8. "Mr. Science" - way better than Bill Nye.
  9. "Wally Ballou" - the greatest reporter of all time.
  10. "Matt Neffer, Boy Spotwelder" - a quickly moving plot (literally?)
  11. "Mary McGoon" - a reoccurring 'female' guest with lots of great ideas.
  12. "Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife" - Episode: "A Ghostly Rehearsal." This drama follows a production company where the show never seems to go on...
  13. A lot of these radio plays were spoofs of real radio dramas of the time. Since I've spent a few years obsessed with podcasts, I sometimes wonder if there's something to the idea of a Bob & Ray style podcast.
    Cereal and Tragedy Bang Bang, that kind of thing.
  14. Well, write if you get work, and remember to hang by your thumbs.
    That's how they ended each show.
  15. But really, enjoy this classic comedy duo.