Gifs From the Black & White Era (and When to Text Them)

Inspired by @bjnovak who apparently needs me as his gif-handy personal assistant.
  1. When you see 💬 for too long
  2. When IDEK doesn't begin to cover it.
  3. When someone says they're bringing food.
  4. If your girlfriends are being catty or basic in the group text.
  5. The very first text when you get someone's number and you wanna be suave.
  6. The text right before you send them nudes.
  7. When your friend asks if you were hungover this morning.
  8. If someone says you're acting childish.
  9. To express your *facepalm* moment, but keep it classy.
  10. If a friend asks if you scored last night and you want to suggest you did but stay mysterious because maybe you actually didn't, but keep it classy.
  11. When the answer is not what you expected, but you're kinda into it?
  12. When you gotta let him know that yes, you're pretty mad.
  13. If someone is texting you updates on something you do NOT want to be updated on.
  14. When you're feelin' yo' self. (Literally.)
  15. When the person you love is across a crowded room from you (1/4)
  16. When the person you love is across a crowded room from you (2/4)
  17. When the person you love is across a crowded room from you (3/4)
  18. When the person you love is across a crowded room from you (4/4)
  19. If you wanna go to Ikea.
  20. When you're being lectured, and a bravo reality show eye roll gif isn't classy enough for your sarcasm.
  21. When you need to start a conversation about Grindr.
  22. In a boring meeting, send to someone else in the boring meeting.
  23. When someone sends you a link to an article from The Onion and they deserve an more enthusiastic response than just LOL.
  24. If you ask a favor and they say no.
  25. After you drop them at the airport.
  26. When anyone asks anything about music.
  27. Right before you text "be right there."
  28. After you go to get a haircut or anything beauty related and they ask how it went say you got your eyebrows done too and do they want a pic. Then send this.
  29. Text this and then get a reply of " ...?" and then say "Wanna bone?"
  30. If someone asks if you're high.
  31. If someone asks if you're high.
  32. When anybody asks about your weekend plans and/or hobbies.
  33. Anytime you slide into someone's DMs.
  34. If it's windy outside.
  35. If it's raining outside.
  36. Third wheel in a group text.
  37. If someone asks what's up and you have no real answer.
  38. When you saw - or took - the screenshots.
  39. If you get a bootycall text, or a friend is whining about whether she should text the fuckboi.
  40. If the commute is slow.
  41. If you need to say you're at a bar, use this.
  42. If you gotta be direct with them about what you want.
  43. Or, get even more direct.
  44. When your teacher friend has to deal with youths and hooligans, punks and spoiled brats and runny noses.
  45. When you gotta let someone know to keep it on the DL.
  46. Any time anyone doubts you.
  47. If you already said stop and need another threat.
  48. If you get shut down by your crush but need to stay thug.
  49. When you need fightin' words.
  50. Sexting.
  51. Sexting.
  52. When you get a text like "I met a person here who knows you!"
  53. Show, don't tell, with this gif next time your struggle is real.
  54. When you're not impressed, but still classy.
  55. If someone insults your fandom.
  56. After they say hey hi or hello.
  57. If you got my number.
  58. If they respond "New phone, who dis?"
  59. If you have to break up, or tell them to drop the subject or end a long list, but wanna keep it classy.
    (And yes I know a few of these don't count as the 'era' but I decided they were too important. Like the Garfield one.)
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