I never get spam. Till lately...
  1. "Naughty stuff"
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  2. Clickbait level 143 Mil
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  3. Clickbait level infinity
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  4. I mean you know my weakness I'll give you that?
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  5. I've never eaten there tho do you still value me, m8?
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  6. "Hi, quick question, do all your lawyers look like they're ready for prom?"
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    Because I like my lawyers young as shyyyyt
  7. Joke's on you because I'm dying alone!!!
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  8. No... I don't.
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    That "30 cent boner brew" tho!!!
  9. Why would you suggest that?
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  10. Woah oh ok I see what you did
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    Brought it back to boner town, 30 cents per brew
  11. But above all the filth and nonsense in my spam folder, I am most offended by whoever thinks I might ever want to BLIND a BEAR
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    🐼 how DARE u sir
  12. Bei Bei is my bae
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