This is very off-brand for me
  1. My family is so supportive of each other.
    Over the years have not always been a well functioning unit, so our consideration, kindness, and team mindset is all especially meaningful to me now.
  2. My father survived a life-altering medical crisis this year.
    So grateful for every nurse, and the advancements in science and medical fields.
  3. I have a support system and feeling of security in peace of mind.
  4. There are so many genuinely amazing women at my office and I am so grateful to work somewhere that has helped me make friends I hold in high esteem and of great value.
    Also my manager is incredible and my department works really well together and loves crafts / have smart senses of humor. I feel very comfortable at work. Also, decorating our departments make Christmas so fun.
  5. The Uber driver who told me about her 13 year old daughter and how I responded.
    I work with an organization for ~*youths*~ that's awesome for their self confidence, so she said that her 13 year old was being bullied on social media and texting her mom the insults because she was sad. 😔 So I told my story of being 13, when a hate essay about me was posted online (2002... I beta tested cyber bullying!) and what I learned from surviving it. (Enough there for another list, oy.) Also to sign up her daughter w/ our org. This mom was so happy to have us show up with advice.
  6. I was hanging out with some new friends and a topic I'm personally connected to came up so I was brave and decided to speak my truth and be the voice of authority when it could have been easy but make me feel shameful and sad to sit without speaking. And they were all so nice to me.
  7. Great TV.
  8. Great Podcasts.
  9. Amazon Prime shipping.
  10. My hair looks pretty good recently.
  11. My cat.
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  12. People on this app making me laugh and feel things.
  13. How I care less about certain things.
  14. I found the perfect pair of glasses at last this year.
    Oliver Peoples will add nosepads to non-wire frame glasses!
  15. I enjoy getting older because not everything you go through is new and therefore bad things not always so bad in comparison