1. Tagging every DC listapper I know of (feel free to tag more in the comments!)
  2. Ok I have a job, but things have changed from the national organization level that have and will negatively affect / change my position and I make so little that I don't deserve the stress.
    Not to mention I need to make more so I can pay student loans AND rent!
  3. I'm of course looking everywhere but thought I'd ask here if anyone has openings they know of that need filling!
    But I'd be willing to try other cities for the right thing. Suggest away! Idk! Or even ideas for types of jobs I'm not considering? Anything helps!
  4. Needs: Full time, health care.
  5. About me: I'm amazing, hire me.
    Wow, very humble, much skill.
  6. Bachelors Degree (Cum Laude) 2011 from Emerson College
    In theatre studies but it's a liberal arts BA. Creative, hard worker.
  7. I have 2 years experience working at a non-profit in a multi-faceted role of customer care, supporting other staff, IT, membership registration online and on paper, and office morale.
  8. My customer service is A+++
  9. I have great recommendations.
  10. Adept as heck at phone or written communication.
  11. I type 65 WPM.
  12. People person and intuitive computer gal and organized.
  13. I don't take smoke breaks.
  14. I can work a schedule that includes evenings/weekends.
  15. I will tell water cooler stories about my cat.
  16. Work hard play hard list hard.
  17. I can ABSOLUTELY send you my resume/LinkedIn/anything.
  18. Okay well now I can't say I didn't try. 🙂
  19. Relist this? Thanks kids!