(Edit: I wrote this really late at night and it tickled me then...)
  1. In ' You'll See' Benny came to say I'll literally build you a friggin' tricked out digital studio (in the 90s so WOW) to do the work you love, AND guess what?
  2. Y'know all the rent checks you hate paying / can't pay? Well worry no more cuz (*read in the voice of Rebel Wilson in Bridesmaids re: her tattoo*) IT'S FO' FREE.
    No seriously like legally binding contract level, swear on my bae's dead dog's grave.
  3. And all he asks of Mark is don't fix the equipment correctly for the ex who cheated on you.
    Just low key sabotage it and be like 'oops dunno what happened sorry' if you wanna avoid conflict ((like always, chump))
  4. Then Mark or Roger who are concerned about AIDS/drug abuse/the homeless: say "if the contract includes a homeless shelter with resources/a clinic for the health of those suffering from AIDS and/or addiction, K."
    If you got bargaining chips, USE 'EM.
  5. And I bet Benny'd wanna let that happen to sign the papers.
  6. And Maureen's shitty performance art is not dead just inside the cool studio.
  7. A lot of other characters might not be dead either.
  8. Benny saved the day. The end! They all live bohemian but happily ever after by working the system, baby.
  9. And then the moral of the story is you gotta play to win.