Hurry! Free Cassette Tapes in My Apartment Building's Laundry Room!

We have a "free stuff" table in the laundry room. Ocassionally there are true treasures... such as these.
  1. Andreas Vollenweider, 😘
    THIS PHOTO. ANDREAS. You sassy thing, you.
  2. International Poetry Forum 25th Anniversary Edition
    Unwrapped, mint condition.
  3. Songs of the Indian FLUTE by John Rainer, Jr.
    Except it looks like a kazoo.
  4. Native Flute Music - Various Artists.
    Wow such flute much toot.
  5. Claude Bolling Flute Suites
    This is flute music for happy hour. This person has flute music for every mood.
  6. Native Flute Collection
  7. Irène Papas, "Odes"
    Profile shadow is odes so dramatic.
  8. Profile/Best of Emmylou Harris
    What is this blank tape LP nonsense like get an iPod already am I right?! Lol lmao technology eyy my fellow youths?
  9. George Winston - Winter Into Spring
    April showers bring tape towers.
  10. George Winston - Autumn
    Decorative gourd season, mothafuchaaa.
  11. "50 Old Time Radio Commercials" 5¢ Pepsi, Ovaltine, and more!
    So good, I truly love that someone owned this until 2016.
  12. Artie Shaw
    I own a lot of big band and swing music too but get a CD at least c'mon. C'mon.
  14. "Dancing Madness"!!!
    OH MY GOODNESS after they smoked the native flute kazoo this person did a lil' dancing madness!
  15. Which do you want?
    If you said "Dancing Madness" you gotta bribe me for it. Because I actually took it.