I Don't Think I Have Enough Crazy Cat Lady Stuff.

It's not a stereotype I overly embrace to explain my loneliness and moods! What?!
  1. Coin purse.
  2. Watch.
  3. "Crazy Cat Lady" coloring book.
  4. Necklace.
  5. Earrings.
  6. Another pair of earrings.
  7. My calendar at work for 2015.
  8. My calendar at work for 2016.
    (Do yourself a favor and look up Cats at Work, the best lil' comics.)
  9. A Pusheen Plush.
  10. Some Pusheen stickers.
  11. Other stickers.
  12. More stickers.
  13. Even more stickers.
  14. A book of stickers.
  15. Mouse pad at work.
  16. 2015 home calendar
  17. 2016 home calendar
  18. A decorative sign.
    (The truth.)
  19. A magnet.
    (More truth.)
  20. This shirt I wore today.
  21. This other shirt with a LIST on it of 12 reasons cats are better than men.
  22. The award for World's Best Cat.
    Given to... my cat! That's her!
  23. A "Here Kitty" To Do List
  24. The case for the phone I'm making this list on.
  25. helpihaveaproblem