It's not a stereotype I overly embrace to explain my loneliness and moods! What?!
  1. Coin purse.
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  2. Watch.
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  3. "Crazy Cat Lady" coloring book.
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  4. Necklace.
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  5. Earrings.
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  6. Another pair of earrings.
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  7. My calendar at work for 2015.
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  8. My calendar at work for 2016.
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    (Do yourself a favor and look up Cats at Work, the best lil' comics.)
  9. A Pusheen Plush.
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  10. Some Pusheen stickers.
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  11. Other stickers.
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  12. More stickers.
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  13. Even more stickers.
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  14. A book of stickers.
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  15. Mouse pad at work.
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  16. 2015 home calendar
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  17. 2016 home calendar
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  18. A decorative sign.
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    (The truth.)
  19. A magnet.
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    (More truth.)
  20. This shirt I wore today.
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  21. This other shirt with a LIST on it of 12 reasons cats are better than men.
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  22. The award for World's Best Cat.
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    Given to... my cat! That's her!
  23. A "Here Kitty" To Do List
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  24. The case for the phone I'm making this list on.
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  25. helpihaveaproblem