1. Development / philanthropy / major gifts / the job hiding behind so many other titles these days...
    No matter what they name the department, it's fundraising / a job begging people for money.
  2. Entry Level
    Requires a Bachelor's degree + minimum 2 years experience.
  3. Fellowship
    This is an entry level job, without benefits.
  4. Internship
    This is an unpaid fellowship, perhaps with a stipend.
  5. Stipend
    A few bucks toward your metro ride.
  6. Internship for class credit
    Guaranteed as unpaid internship, not guaranteed your school takes the credits.
  7. Starting Salary: $lowernumber - $highernumber.
    It's the lower number.
  8. Salary: Comisurate With Experience
    So low, we don't want to tell you.
  9. To apply, contact [email] with cover letter and resume
    Just send us your email address so we'll make you to write out your resume again in our annoying online submission format.
  10. LinkedIn