"Lemme see your tongue."
  1. Glass shards and hot glue mixed with beer.
    "I swallowed a little bit of glass, but it held!" - ep 1: CharDee MacDennis II: Electric Boogaloo
  2. Cat food [Referenced]
    "You find a can of cat food in the apartment. What do you do?" ep. 2: "Frank Falls Out the Window"
  3. [Presumably artificial] Snow
    "Maybe we should just drink some beer, eat some snow." ep. 3: The Gang Hits the Slopes
  4. Small model tree made of plastic
    "It's a plastic tree, Charlie, it's not made out of candy!" - ep. 3: The Gang Hits the Slopes (Note: continues to eat tree after being informed it is plastic.)
  5. Chalk
    "No, I'm drawing with like, marker and pen and stuff. I'm just eating the chalk." - ep. 4: Dee Made a Smut Film
  6. Green paint
    "Charlie? You been drinkin' straight paint?" "... Yeah." - ep. 8: Charlie Catches a Leprechaun
  7. An entire bottle of mouthwash at once.
    "I need the mouthwash, then." "I kinda drank... all of it. Doesn't do much...." - ep. 9: The Gang Goes to Hell
  8. Boat fuel and Orange Juice
    "So wait, wait... we're just gonna drink straight boat fuel?" "No, we're gonna cut it. With mixers!" - ep. 9: The Gang Goes to Hell