@jessacosta is a Hamilton of fun.
  1. Lemme pull out my record collection....
    Got GIGS on this ol' baby.
  2. (FYI: movies have soundtracks. Musicals are cast recordings.)
    I used to be really crazy about correcting people on this when I was a fangirl.
  3. On with the show, @jessacosta ! 🎭
  4. Grey Gardens
    See the original documentary first! I love this show, act two is beautiful musically and I wish I could see a production of it.
  5. Gypsy (as many different casts as you can get)
    This show is so different depending on who plays Mama.
  6. Les Misérables - Original LONDON Cast
    The orchestrations are less dramatic then the later US recording, and Colm Wilkinson is BANANAS overacting as Jean Valjean! But, then listen to young Patti Lupone as Fantine! You almost can't tell it's her on I Dreamed a Dream, she sounds so subdued and normal. Wacky!!!
  7. Bright Lights, Big City - Studio Cast Recording by Sh-K-Boom Records
    The story from the book and movie of the same name. This show was overshadowed by Rent being put on by basically the same production team that year. It also reprises a lot. But I LOVE this album. First of all an all star cast on this, who recorded it at Sherie Rene Scott's record company years after the stage production. Patrick Wilson, Gavin Creel, Eden Espinosa, Celia Keenan-Bolger, it goes on...
  8. Peter Pan - Original Broadway Cast Recording
    Cyril Richard IS the one and only flamboyant, dramatic, hilarious, scary, witty Captain Hook this musical deserves. "Split me infinitives!" "By carbonate of soda, he's right!" "Mrs. Hook's little baby boy."
  9. A Chorus Line - Original Broadway Cast Recording
    If one of these songs doesn't connect with a vulnerable side of you, you're not human.
  10. The Fantasticks - Original Broadway Cast Recording.
    Jerry Orbach is amazing. And I think act 2 is SO important and some people don't know it as well?! "And despite what pretty poets say, the night is only half the day."
  11. Little Women
    They rearrange some of the story to better suit the stage but I like the reasonings behind it, the quieter numbers and dramatic versions of Jo's writing are my favorites.
  12. She Loves Me
    This is the same as the book and play that inspired You've Got Mail. Some very charming songs for women.
  13. Sweeney Todd - 2006 Broadway Revival Cast Recording
    Patti LuPone and Michael Cevaris, plus it was a bare bones (... that was unintentional) version of what is usually operatic, with orchestrations by the main roles of actors playing instruments. I was lucky enough to see this and it is such a cool concept and reinvented the story, and yesss. My favorite of the versions I've seen.
  14. The Light in the Piazza
    Gorgeous music, baby Kelli O'Hara and Matthew Morrison. Dividing day will break your heart.
  15. Feelin' Electric - 2002 Cutting Room Cast
    Norbert Leo Butz and Sherie Rene Scott in a workshop of what became Next to Normal!
  16. Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson
    If Hamilton is about a great president, this is a tongue in cheek rock musical about a pretty awful guy who took that job much later.
  17. High Society - Film Cast
    One of the most underrated movie musicals in my opinion. Funny and romantic. Based on The Philadelphia Story. Killer cast. Hit Songs.
  18. The Last Five Years (Concert Cast)
    Jason Robert Brown and Julia Murney!
  19. Passing Strange
    There's a great filmed version of the stage show for I think HBO. A distinct voice and story. The songs always stay in my head for weeks, so good. Funny and dark and compelling and unique.
  20. West Side Story - Revival Cast
    Spanish lyrics adapted by ur fave LMM! And Karen Olivo's Anita is incredible, I love her version of America.
  21. I think I spelled a lot of names wrong but it's late. Whatever. 🎤