Better lists on the way. Meanwhile, I...
  1. Moved
    into ~*officially*~ DC with my kitty. Taxation without representation, holla! Bachelorette pad! U-Haul'd!
  2. Featured
    by sending a package to Foon, got shouted out on my favorite Podcast! HAT NIGHT!!
  3. Sobbed
    in the bathroom at work because I'm getting "laterally transitioned" aka pushed out from my department to become two secretaries' worth of work for my current co-workers. I am considered stupid and punished for suffering a tragic year for my family. Right as I'm moving and my childhood home is sold? Really?!
  4. Strutted
    back to my apartment from work today in my jean jacket listening to only the fast angry inspirational parts from Hamilton and decided I'm not going to feel stupid or punished over this bullshit office kicking me while I'm down. I'm going to get mad, and get a better job. 🖕🖕
  5. Spent
    so much money on Amazon prime for stuff I forgot I need just to live. Lists on saving money plz? 🤑
  6. Unpacked
    none of the boxes of kitchenwares yet. Oops.
  7. Felt
    my 27th year starting off with vulnerability, but strength and determination to be a full fledged human being on my own. It's almost like I spent post-college years suffering as training for living. If you're like me and feel so emotionally sensitive you have no "thick skin" but raw tissue, the only preparation is knowing you've made it through worse.