1. When you're bipolar and creative* all kinds of people will say "oh you should write a book or a joke or a poem or something about your experience."
    * which is often, there's a book about this correlation, "Touched by Fire."
  2. And you look at the people who lived out that suggestion successfully, but see oh, dang, those lives ended tragically.
  3. So I'm like, where are those kind of crazy, creative people TODAY? The artists who create great work from the pain? Since we have modern meds, do they all end up tragic too?
  4. Basically I need all the role models and hope I can get.
    "It can be done!" and whatever.
  5. A few years ago Ned Vizzini (who wrote It's Kind of a Funny Story, a semi-autobiographical YA novel about a depressed teen in a psych ward that has a realistic hopeful ending to it, and was made into a film) committed suicide in his early 30s.
    He had a wife and kid. He jumped off the apartment building where his parents lived.
  6. He was one of my few go to cases of the "creativity from crazy" success stories.
    It got me really angry shrugging people away for a while like DON'T TALK TO ME OK?!
  7. But Maria Flippin' Bamford is my queen when it comes to this whole topic, okay?
  8. Her stand up comedy is HYSTERICAL just in general.
    No matter the topic. She's great at writing and delivery, a point of view and set of schticks and characters. An A+ comedian.
  9. She has gotten more and more specific in her stand up and then interviews, etc about her neurotic on-stage presence and real diagnoses.
  10. Her jokes frame laughing with her at the effects of mental illness so everybody gets a laugh from it.
    She has a form of OCD and then bipolar II, ("The new gladiator sandal!" she says, to ridicule it as a fashionable and fancy diagnosis to those who do and don't know. So smart.)
  11. And she includes an emphasis on how ultimately other weirdos can do it too.
    She's SO NICE.
  12. You should all join her hysterically cute lil' newsletter.
  13. I love her and she inspires me and makes me laugh so hard I hang on.
    She wasn't able to say hi to fans before or after her last show in DC so she couldn't get an awkward letter I wrote WHOOPS but... probably for the best.
  14. If anyone randomly knows her, forward this list.
    *Ur crush will fall in love with u and u get three wishes blah blah chain mail threat*
  15. Or even better get her to join the app!
  16. Because she about to be more popular than ever: 🚨 her Netflix series Lady Dynamite drops MAY 20 🚨
    I can't wait! I can't!
  17. In the meantime enjoy some Maria Bamford links everybody.
    She's the best 😊.
  18. A New York Times article about her!
  19. 'The Maria Bamford Show' on YouTube
  20. On impersonating her Mom:
  22. Giphy