Deductions via my powers of observation, biiiitch.
  1. "Did you miss me?"
  2. I have had a Moriarty theory.
  3. SPOILERS from tonight's "The Abominable Bride" in here okay...
  4. Okay so very end of season 3 Moriarty's picture appears on all the tv screens in London with a weird recording of "Did you miss me?"
  5. And we're all like 😱 because he's dead right?
    😵🔫, right?
  6. BUT think about what just happened in that episode:
  7. Magnusson was shot, destroying all blackmail on his victims.
  8. Magnusson's blackmail victims we knew of were:
  9. 1) The Prime Minister
    A tv in the episode reports he was arrested.
  10. 2) Lady Smalley's husband
    In the Christmas kitchen scene, Sherlock reads in the newspaper that Lord Smalley has committed suicide.
  11. 3) Mary
    yaass my queen 👸
  12. and in case you didn't pay attention (c'mon!) Janine was not just connected to Magnusson as personal assistant.
  13. Janine was a victim of Magnusson's blackmail.
  14. So the last blackmail victim was Janine, aka Magnusson's personal secretary / Sherlock's victim of "human error" in a faux relationship / Mary's maid of honor
  15. My theory is that Janine put out the "Did you miss me?" threat on all the tv screens after Magnusson dies.
  16. "But why?" you might ask.
    Oh, you.
  17. Because I think Janine is Moriarty's sister.
    It's so good.
  19. There are so many clues to this if you look back at the preceding episodes! 🔎
  20. In the scene on the patio at the end of the episode, waiting for the helicopter to arrive, Magnusson says:
  21. "Janine, she was very naughty."
  22. And says how she would allow him to FLICK HER IN THE EYE AGAIN AND AGAIN
  23. And she stayed his personal assistant while he FLICKED HER EYE?
  24. What did he have as blackmail about Janine that would keep her working as the EYE FLICKER's personal assistant all the time?!
    Like damn that shit better be way bad because girl really, eye flicking?!
  25. Being owned by Magnusson means he has some huge pressure point on you. Something that would ruin your life if he published it. Maybe send you to jail.
  26. The Prime Minister was a corrupt criminal.
  27. Lord Smallwood was probably criminal for possessing that 16 year old girl's pictures / whatever else with her.
  28. Mary was a secret agent / went rogue / killed a LOT of people according to Magnusson, which is murder which makes her a criminal.
  29. So... is it likely Janine did something that is very criminal?!
  30. But now, Magnusson and any chance of her secret getting told are dead. So she can do whatever she wants!
  31. And, Sherlock pissed her off.
  32. In the scene where she gets mad at him in the hospital, she has a lot of great dialogue that reminds me of Moriarty toward Sherlock.
  33. She says how it's a shame, because they were well matched, smart, and could've been friends.
  34. And a threat about he shouldn't have hurt her.
  35. Then she's gonna move to a house with beehives she's gonna destroy.
  36. Sherlock loves bees and when he retires in the original stories becomes a beekeeper.
  37. So that's like showing she'll destroy what he cares for.
  38. So I've been carrying around that theory since the finale.
  39. Well! "The Abominable Bride" has definitely set it up as even more likely!
  40. First, the episode had a lot of acknowledgement of Mycroft being smarter, and Sherlock's emotions in knowing he has a smarter sibling.
    btw, LOL forever at being faithful to the originals with RidiculouslyFat!Mycroft
  41. They worked in how Mycroft big brotherly cares about Sherlock not dying, with requiring the list of what drugs he took.
  42. And okay seriously, the whole damn theme of the episode was about the calculated power of women who are treated badly or shoved aside, in that era or personally, or even used as plot devices in stories and not as fully explored characters.
    What does that remind you of?!
  43. Olde Timey Sherlock even talks to the actress who played Janine about if a man hurt a woman he should be sorry - he lapses into the first person a few times.
  44. Finally the discussion of Moriarty as a hard drive of a brain, a virus, not just a man. His power was in his smarts and running a friggin criminal network of connections.
  45. So I further deduce when we fear Moriarty, Janine Moriarty is as much of a threat as Jim Moriarty.
  46. Also both Janine and Jim are similar names and the actors look enough alike I'd believe it. Their accents are both a bit odd and sometimes similar.
  47. So the next episode will probably disprove me or whatever but idc it's a dope theory and you know it.
  48. If you don't believe this, at least believe in the most sacred of all fan theories:
  49. ✨ Ronbledore ✨
  50. (But seriously, Janine for Moriarty 2k16)