1. Welcome to the world of a (usually) high functioning 26 year old female, who also has bipolar 2 and borderline personality disorder.
    It takes a team of pills and doctor bills for most people not to know! 🙃
  2. I've taken different regimens of psych drugs since I was 13, primarily for depression.
    I'm not here to be pro or anti medication, just show you my struggle every Sunday night as I sort these dang things. (It takes organization and self-regulation to stay up to date on maintainance meds, which is not always easy when you're bipolar. And then you feel better and think you can lapse. Nuh-uh.)
  3. Previous pills I've been on were Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Abilify, and Lithium.
    Lithium required a regular blood test.
  4. Here's a little peek into my daily menu as I fill my pill case for the week.
    🔑: You need a big ass pill case so you only have to do the frigging frustrating task of sorting out the combinations once a week instead of twice a day. Also this helps figure out what you need to get refilled soon. (It's always something.)
  5. Another 🔑 is keep a typed list of your meds names, dosages, and times and update it with the date when things change.
    Print a copy off to take to any doctor appointments ever, so you're not forgetting anything when you list what you're currently on. Then write SEE ATTACHED LIST so they know to look at it.
  6. The moment I wake up:
    (I don't put in my make up or say a little prayer for you.)
  7. Adderall
    More accurately, I take the Adderall and then go back to sleep for 20 minutes until my next alarm goes off. It has helped me tremendously in waking up each day - I know it's usually known for ADD but also used for narcolepsy, actually. It gives me enough energy to get out of bed and stay awake through the morning at work.
  8. Breakfast:
  9. Depakote
    A mood stabilizer.
  10. Lamictal
    Another mood stabilizer. Both this and Depakote are also used to prevent seizures. I find the most noticeable relief from depression with Lamictal. It turns on a lightbulb in my head and clears out the heavy darkness in my skull.
  11. Klonopin
    Anti anxiety.
  12. Effexor
    Anti-depressant. I kinda hate it because if I miss the dose I feel really sick by the very next day, like I have a flu. Bad withdrawal. Have to be really careful not to run out.
  13. Inderal
    Ah, when you take a pill because you get side effects from the other pills! It's a beta blocker to stop the bad hand tremors I get from all the other meds.
  14. As needed:
  15. Klonopin
    If I'm having a panic attack or feel one coming on, I take one of these.
  16. Dinner:
  17. Depakote
  18. Lamictal & lil' baby Lamictal
    Again. I'm upping my dose on Lamictal right now so the lil' baby pills are to slowly increase it... Add 25mg for 5 days. Then 50mg for 5days. Etc...
  19. Valium
    The new med on the block! I'm trying this instead of Klonopin because it should help with muscle tension at bedtime which has been keeping me up.
  20. And the next day you wake up and take another one.
    And another one. Another one.
  21. Because.
    @lenadunham wrote "It's important we see normalizing portrayals of people, women, choosing to take action when it comes to their mental health." Here I am, Listers and sisters.