1. Apartment 408
    You REGULARLY receive packages from bodybuilders.com.
  2. Apartment 412
    You live across from me but I was told you're two college bros?
  3. Apartment 407
    You have a ton of plants in your windows! But I think the horrible woman who won't leash her dog by a major city street lives there...? I'm torn.
  4. Apartments 401 - 404
    You have made no impression on me.
  5. Apartment 410
    Why have you had a non-specific festive streamer on your door for over a year?
  6. Apartment 405
    You have nice curtains.
  7. Apartment 409
    I saw you two moving in, you seem very cool! You get these giant black totebags delivered all the time. Is it a meal prep service? I want to know!
  8. Apartment 406
    You were going in your door once while I was waiting for the elevator and your cat came down the hall to see me!!! Wanna be best friends?