My Peeps Diorama Art

Why does @washingtonpost hate my skill?
  1. "Chicks"
    inspired by Girls, my @washingtonpost Peeps Diorama Contest entry 2013 (1/3) All four girls are reading the book for ladies from the pilot, outside of a cupcake store. Hannah has nail stickers for tattoos. Those lil outfits were a bitch to make! Tagging @jennikonner and @lenadunham for potential kicks from these lil' chicks.
  2. Rusty the Red Peep-da's Day Out"
    my @washingtonpost Peeps Diorama Contest entry 2014 (2/3) Technical difficulties that year but I did it. Based on the lil' red panda who escaped the zoo and went to AdMo for a Jumbo slice.
  3. "American Horror Story: Peep Show"
    THIS ONE WAS EXTRA GOOD @washingtonpost ! my Peeps Diorama Contest entry 2015 (3/3) I've received no praise at all for my entries, but I will only improve and continue to submit every year until I get first place. I made a promise to my peeps and frankly I'm master of the medium by now. See you in the Spring, suckas. ✌️