My Spring '16 Style Goals: "Girlie Gang"

Previously, in my fall/winter style goals: "Moody in the Late 1970s" : Notes on My Current Fall/winter Style: "Moody in the Late 1970s"
  1. This shirt.
    I bought this in sweatshirt form before it sold out and I am the happiest feminist in it!
  2. My new hat I ordered on
    Fierce fashionista feminist. I never wear hats. I'm psyched.
  3. Gene and Drunk!Billie on @IDIOTSITTER
    Pink shades, string friendship bracelets, and a flat brim baseball cap.
  4. Gene on @IDIOTSITTER
    Pizza and partying in pink.
  5. Jillian Bell in florals.
  6. 'High School Hellcats'
    A 1958 (originally black and white) movie about a girl gang who rule the school. Pointy bras, pencil skirts, juvenile delinquents, random moments of "that escalated quickly!" If Grease were created at the right era, focused on the bad ass Pink Ladies.
  7. Light denim jacket with Tumblr girl pins and patches
    Bought a '90s men's denim jacket at a thrift shop and I've been dropping way too much $$ online on ~sassy~ patches and pins.
  8. Lisa Frank's Facebook page going very modern.
    And I'm 100% on board.
  9. Ilana & Abbi on this cover of Flare magazine.
  10. Ilana in this jacket.
    I would do terrible things for you, Ilana.
  11. Jenny Slate in this jacket.
    I wish I could be the adorable sensitive crass proud hysterical Jenny Slate.
  12. Red with pink.
    Pink pink pink 💕 back on my love of pink.
  13. Sitting down in this gorgeous place for tea and making plans for world domination and happy hour with gal pals.
  14. These shoes.
    All pastel shoes with a practical heel.
  15. This Modcloth featured artista.
    With a studio to make kick ass art and a cat and a floral skirt with flounce.
  16. Rachel Antonoff's uterus shirt again.
    Feat. I have that shirt💁
  17. Jenny Lewis forever.
    & ever & ever till all the Polaroids fade.
  18. Sitting with your girl gang making decisions like the bosses you are.