Notes on My Current Fall/winter Style: "Moody in the Late 1970s"

  1. Fargo season 2, set in 1979.
    A more than subconscious influence, because this is the best show on television right now. Pictured: Kirsten Dunst, killin' it.
  2. But it all started with this photo of young Carol Kane
    In this picture... I feel like she's really listening to what you're saying, and you know she will have a snappy reply. Goals: continue to grow out my curls and let them frizz. Wear big earrings, and chunky knits. Only makeup is a messy, smoky eye and maybe wine colored matte lip too at night.
  3. Which lead to Gilda, of course.
    Let my hair frizz outttt. Layer up winter knits and fabrics.
  4. Did someone say knitwear?
    I'm ob-sessed with @rachelantonoff 's Uterus sweater, and find myself sighing sadly every month because she doesn't make a 1X. And I love bergundy so much right now. Nothing says moody aesthetic like my uterus!
  5. Bringing back the Coen Brothers... this sweater.
    Is it chill to have The Dude as a female style influence? Whatever, man. Big ol' sweater and a V neck is perfection.
  6. Bill Murray's rumpled sweater style in Moonrise Kingdom.
    This accurately represents my attitude lately. And I'm mostly wearing glasses these days.
  7. Faye Dunaway's coat in The Network
    Because it's everything.
  8. And last but not least, one of those teen girls briefly in the original Fargo film.
    Cat sweater + overly expressive side-eye is my aesthetic.