1. Gentle Dental Implants
    I have all my teeth, thanks.
  2. Bachelor's Degree in 1 Year
    I already spent 4 years getting one of those.
  3. Clinically Proven Hair Regrowth Product for Women
    My hair is everywhere (screaming infidelities)
  4. Nude Girls Needing Men
    We'll just shrug at each other and go our separate ways, I guess.
  5. An installment loan even with bad credit
    Don't think I have bad credit, or particularly need this loan at this time.
  6. 3 ways to stop dementia
    Personally I have no need but I can share these secrets with actual doctors?
  7. Oil Change Coupons
    I don't have a car... lame regift?
  8. Professional Carpet & Rug Cleaning
    I have one carpet in my apartment. But I will re-gift this to my mother who will greatly appreciate it.
  9. River Cruise Vacation
    I don't like cruises but give me the cash value?
  10. Medical marijuana
    Finally, something I need.