Okcupid Messages I Kept Purely for the Lols, Part III

  1. Okay this needs to be deconstructed there's a lot to take in here...
  2. 1. Which of the three dudes ARE you?
  3. Are you the one HOLDING THE JUG OF 'MUSCLE MILK'?
  4. Are you the one Bro-ing out in Spongebob's house?
  5. Or are you one KISSING YOUR HAIRY ARMPIT?!
  6. Like, I get the feeling maybe this was a group costume thing... but also not??
  7. Also I didn't mention smoking in my profile... and clearly you have never been to one because you can't walk in and smell like weed and disrespect live performers like you can an Adam Sandler flick in a half empty theater.
    But nice job kinda reading my profile I guess?
  8. Moving on.
  9. I was messaged by a rock? An island?
    'Cause a rock feels no pain. And an island never cries.
  10. Hi I mean ok you're not particularly nuts but GOOD GOD LEARN TO CROP A PHOTO.
  11. Okay so let's examine this lovely suitor.
  12. Are you posing to be painted like one of my French girls... on top of beer?
    Yes, yes you are.
  13. Then yes, by all means, you ARE sexy. Suggestive wink basic emoji.
  14. I used ListApp lingo on this creepy dude.
  15. And a good sexy convo topic.
  16. Can't make 'em all fall in love!!!