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  1. The "Smarter Child"
    TLDR #29: Olivia Taters, Teenage Robot & Black Mirror s2ep1: Be Right Back
  2. The "Serious Relationship"
    KCRW's The Organist: Episode 54: "Hey Johnathan" & Heathers
  3. The "Be Our Guest"
    Lore: Ep10 "Steam & Gas" & The Shining
  4. The "Not Kidding"
    This American Life #521: "Bad Baby" & We Need to Talk About Kevin
  5. The "Tragedy + Time = Comedy"
    The Mental Illness Happy Hour: Episode 95: Maria Bamford & Maria Bamford: The Special Special
  6. The "Art is Life is Art"
    Reply All #56: Zardulu & documentary film: The Institute
  7. The "Picture Perfect Loss"
    You Must Remember This: #50 Charles Manson's Hollywood, Part 7: Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring / #51 Charles Manson's Hollywood, Part 8: Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski & Valley of the Dolls
  8. The "Splendor Man"
    TLDR #13: Managing a Monster & Law and Order: SVU s16ep6: Glasgowman's Wrath
  9. The "Back of My Mind"
    Lore: Episode 6: "Echoes" & American Horror Story Season 2: Asylum (tv)
  10. The "Conclusion"
    Criminal Episode 17: "Final Exit" and How to Die in Oregon