~*2003-2007*~ I could list passionately on any of these big topics. // #draftmas 🎄
  1. Livejournal
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  2. Teen Girl Squad / Homestar Runner
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    Still quote it. I read somewhere this was the website that jumpstarted the millennials on wasting time online for fun. I say it was hysterically funny.
  3. Wicked the Musical
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    Literally EVERYTHING to do with being a huge fangirl of Wicked. I knew all the words and obsessed about how I was so misunderstood like Elphaba and dressed up as her in 2004 for Halloween, green paint and all. I was online talking about "Cheno" and "Dee" like they were my BFFs. I finally convinced my mom to take me to NYC to see it and cried the whole time.
  4. Project Runway
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    I was very obsessed for seasons 1-3.
  5. Basically all Broadway musicals / Broadway of the 2000s.
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  6. Death Cab for Cutie
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  7. Mean Girls
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    Came out while I was in high school, and holy moly. It was so accurate but so funny. I saw it in theaters with my friends.
  8. Secret 3 way calling.
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  9. Harry Potter
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    I went to the midnight releases of the last three books.
  10. Harry and the Potters
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    The "Wizard Rock" band, I saw them twice.
  11. Dell desktop computer with a flat screen, woah!
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  12. Facebook expanding to include high schoolers
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    The ultimate game changer.
  13. AOL instant messenger
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    High school boyfriend asked me out on AIM before giving me mono.
  14. Renting CSI on DVD from Blockbuster.
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    While I had mono.
  15. iPod classic with scroll wheel in black and white
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    All my songs!!!
  16. Not owning Uggs
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    And feeling holier than thou for it. (I own a pair now and F it, they're so cozy. But not with a mini skirt.)
  17. Pottery Barn Teen catalogues
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    My dream bedrooms.
  18. Really easy to memorize rap songs.
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  19. That book Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging
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    Basically Bridget Jones for teens
  20. Soffe shorts
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    And I swear to god if you don't flip the waistband over you are a nobody.
  21. Pink Motorolla Razr
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    Hell yeah I had the cool phone. But don't press the Internet button, or data charges!
  22. Fanfiction
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    I wrote it, I read it, and I ain't gonna lie about it.