Let's get real weird and put THIS in the li.st Weekly!
  1. Written by @bjnovak , @mindy , or @lenadunham .
  2. Written by like the same non celebrity but small circle of about 10 top users I think were Beta.
  3. Written by a website's account like @NatGeo or @TheOnion
  4. Has cool facts
  5. Is about a single topic everybody can reference or relate to am I right
  6. Is about TV or movies
  7. Is funny
  8. Is about living in LA
  9. Is concise in answers and properly formatted and shit
    Probably doesn't curse...
  10. Uhhh
  11. I think Li.st should promote one of my messy lists about depression
  12. Or JUST the giant list of Secret Santas and say "THIS COULD BE US BUT YOU NOT LISTIN'!"
    Yeah!!!! Old meme you thought was ogre! (Get it???)
  13. So shoutout @list @listbot
    Guys should I list more often after taking my sleeping pill, yes/no?