Because I can't wait for "CharDee MacDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo"
  1. Frank always knows a guy who can help out.
  2. The frequent destruction of Dee's cars.
  3. Charlie's alter-egos.
  4. Frank suddenly pulling out a loaded handgun at random times.
  5. The gang gradually ruining the life of Rickety Cricket.
  6. Dee gagging.
  7. Charlie's Illiteracy.
    "He'll adapt."
  8. The video camera tape.
    You'll repeatedly see clips of previous episodes' taped events at the beginning or end of a playback.
  9. Dee looks like a bird.
  10. The name of The Waitress staying The Waitress.
  11. Charlie's Mom is a whore.
  12. Mac's gradually blatant homosexuality.
  13. Dennis is a rapist / sociopath.
  14. Frank and eggs.
  15. "Hangin' out under the bridge."
  16. Fire.
  17. The McPoyles.
    Enough said.
  18. Maureen Ponderosa's surgeries.
  19. They always go back to the one lawyer.
  20. Toe knife.
  21. "Goddamnit."
    Suggested by @kaitmaree
  22. The duster jacket.