Social Media Blogs/accounts I Follow for Aesthetic Appreciation

I did ok
  1. @ Modcloth
    I've literally never bought a damn thing from them but feel I should've?
  2. @ Refinery29
  3. @ OfficialSeanPenn
    My weird side.
  4. @ Heychickadee
  5. @ shopbando
    I love pink ok.
  6. @ daynaleecollection
  7. @ pusspussmag
    Cats and fashion
  8. @ ohhdeer
  9. @ momowelch
  10. @ flatvernacular
    The wallpaper company I want to buy from so badly ever since @lenadunham had sticker wallpaper / used it as endpapers for her book
  11. @ pizza_clan
    My style.
  12. Bonus: I got the @Artsy app and I LOVE it!
    I just scroll art and favorite any works/artists that speak to me in any way and I'll have it to reference later. THIS IS SO GREAT AS A WRITER/DIRECTOR.