1. All of this stuff, which is:
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    Photobomb by Judy.
  2. A sticker from voting.
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    I think this one was 2012?
  3. An "intentionally blank" plastic card.
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    Came with my latest insurance card and I find these hilarious.
  4. A 2016 mini calendar that reads "My cat and I have decided to stay in tonight."
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    #stayhomeclub #catlady
  5. A sweet anon note from our company Christmas party earlier this month.
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  6. A little toy Maryland license plate, with my childhood name.
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    My story of always being called Beth to usually being called Liz is a dumb one.
  7. A business card sized compliment my friend sent me from Chicago.
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    I've imagined handing it to a stranger as a cool lil' flirt, but I would probably be an awkward creep about it and if it failed I'd want the card back.
  8. A very positive quote she also sent me with that card 😊
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  9. Human Rights Campaign sticker.
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    I don't have a bumper for it.
  10. "The Liz Planet"
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    My friend and I loved reading The Little Prince in French class during high school. A year later a theatre did a play version of the story, so we went together. They had a kid's activity room for dramaturgy and you could make planets. I made one to represent my friend, and she made this one of my planet.
  11. "I never drink alone, that's why I have a cat" greeting card.
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  12. A circle of cardboard with my name doodled by a friend.
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    Sensing a theme of designating it's my space, and reminding myself I'm loved?
  13. A sticker that says I'm great.
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    Which makes it true.
  14. A sticker proudly declaring I had Carvel today.
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    I WISH that were true. (Vanilla soft serve. Mmmmm.)
  15. Another small toy vanity license plate with my childhood name, from the famously awful tourist trap "South of the Border."
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    We had to rent a car and drive back from visiting a Grandparent in Florida because my Dad didn't want to sit through the predicted 'possibility' of turbulence in the air. So we stopped at that tourist trap for maybe 30 minutes too late at night and I got this.
  16. Cat card (front)
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  17. Cat card (inside) with message from my cat.
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    ... I'm five years old, right?
  18. And now, a series of wonderful fortune cookies.
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  19. A great one.
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  20. Another.
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    (You are almost there because you have to go through the door, dummie!)
  21. This one is very true.
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  22. I love the slight distinction in how this says creep instead of crawl and it changes the meaning entirely.
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    (In bed.) (Don't consent to creeps.)
  23. This WAY HARSH fortune.
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    Straight up rude.
  24. That's all!
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  25. Now close the door already! Geez!
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