Inspired by taking @drugs
  1. Lizabeth is not my nickname.
    Just the closest username available when everyone had their name as a username.
  2. Elizabeth
    Is my name because my parents were being conservative and ~*timeless*~. This is on my resumes and facebook because...
  3. I went by Beth my entire childhood and still do to my family members.
  4. When I transferred to public school in 7th grade I didn't know when they read the roster on the first day you could say your nickname and I was ~*shy*~ so I was Elizabeth for a while.
  5. Then in a few months a history teacher started calling me Liz and I was still ~*shy*~ so I was like ¯\_(O.O)_/¯ ok
  6. Then everyone starting calling me Liz and so when they met my family calling me Beth I had to give this dumb explanation.
  7. My middle name is a last name...
    Even though Elizabeth is everyone's middle name.
  8. My middle name is my dad's mom's maiden name.
    She died a few years before I was born. The name is a bastardized spelling of a town in Ireland.
  9. My last name is also Irish. People usually think it should be spelled with two G's but only has one.
  10. All together my full name is 10 syllables.
  11. Most importantly, my first and last name are 7 syllables and my last name starts with an H on the 5th syllable...
    Why does this matter, you ask?
  12. You can easily rewrite the lyrics of Hamilton to be about moi.